Broun Of Colstoun & Thorniedykes

In 1073, Walterus Le Brun travelled from France to Scotland as the leader of a band of warriors to the aid of King Malcolm of Scotland. Documents record Walterus Le Brun as a baron from early twelfth century who flourished in Scotland. Documented as the progenitor of the Brouns of Colstoun, he was witness to an instrument of the Inquisition of the possessions of the Church of Glasgow, made by David I, Prince (Earl) of Cumberland, in 1116, in the reign of his brother, King Alexander I of Scotland.

Join us in this exciting journey, as the Brouns of Colstoun & Thorniedykes reach out to all extended family members of this great bloodline and establish a place of belonging for all descendants. Consider the Broun site as a place where your history can be recorded, challenged and clarified for all members to see as we bring this great clan together again under our Clan Chief.

Our aim is to qualify the facts and create a single source of truth that can be passed from one generation to the next, promoting a family unit that allows us to support each other in heritage.  

Floreat Majestas - “Let Majesty Flourish”


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