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Clan Membership


Congratulation and welcome to the Broun / Brown Clan registration section


To join the Broun / Brown Clan, download and complete the membership registration form which is shown below. Then email the completed form with all your details to or . You will be notified by email once the Clan registration has been accepted and completed.

Broun of Colstoun - Clan Members in Tartan Dress

Membership Application Instructions and Notes


1. The information provided on this application will not be generally distributed and will only be used for the official Clan Broun business. Your privacy is very important to us.


2. Give Full Names. Given that we have many people with the same names (Broun, Brown, Braun, Le Brun, etc.) providing your full name will help keep our membership records organized.


3. You may, also, include your common name(s) (i.e. nickname) in parentheses.


4. Please provide all the requested contact information, even in the case of unlisted telephone numbers. Email addresses will never be distributed on any list.


5. The Scottish Family name is the Broun family name that appears in your ancestry. Give the name as it is spelled by you or your ancestors.


6. Please provide the requested phone numbers and email address.


7. Persons joining as Regular or Family are encouraged to supply genealogy at the time the application is submitted.


8. The Clan Broun has an active Genealogy Committee and would greatly appreciate your completion and submission of the Ancestral chart portion of the application. Please include all the information you have (especially dates and places identified for such events as births, marriages, and deaths). Please note the items about which you are unsure. If you have more information than the space allows please make copies of the chart or include additional pages. Electronic files from any genealogy programmes are also acceptable and greatly appreciated. Files should be submitted in GEDCOM format; almost all genealogy and family tree software can create files in this format. If you have your information in a genealogy programme, please email our Clan Historians at:


9. Please note: For a limited time only, members get 5% off in the Clan Gift Shop.