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Sir Wayne Broun - 14th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes14th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir Wayne Hercules Broun

Wayne, the fourteenth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes born 1952 is the son of Hulance Haddington Broun and Joy Maud née Stack and succeeded his uncle, Sir William Windsor Broun, 13th Baronet, in 2007. Wayne was born in Inverell NSW, a member of the Tingha Broun’s. At this time his parents owned  properties named Anaroy and Bolan, which were situated among many other family properties such as Bassendean, Willowroo, Thulby, Raino, Waverley, Bingi and Philmore. On hearing of the birth of his second child, a brother to Robyn, Hugh stopped the shearing for 15 minutes to celebrate.


In about 1954 the family including Robyn and Wayne moved to Sydney, to reside in North Manly, where their  parents would stay there for the rest of their lives. Sister, Julie was born here to complete the family


Wayne was educated at Manly Public School, then to Sydney Grammar Preparatory School in Edgecliff and then on to the Main School in College Street, Sydney. A time at Wagga Agricultural College was followed by National Service , where in 1972, he graduated from OTU as a Second Lieutenant and posted to 5th Battalion,  Royal Australian Regiment as a Platoon Commander. In 1974 Wayne resigned his Commission and joined General Motors Holden as NSW Business Analysis Manager. He then progressed to Senior District Manager. During this time he studied accounting with GMI, among other subjects, this was to be a great benefit in the future.


During all of these years he still retained a close relationship with farming either with his father or his Uncle Lionel. Most holidays were spent at either Thulby or Willowroo.


In 1976 Wayne married Anna Maria Paolucci and daughter Samantha and son Richard were born. In 1980 in a major career change he joined MCA Universal as Regional Sales Manager. Three years later he followed his Managing Director, Neville Thomson to start up Amicus Television. It was here that he commenced his international film and television career. In 1986 Amicus became Lorimar Telepictures and Wayne at 34 years of age was named its Managing Director for Australasia, Pacific and Asia reporting to the Studio in Los Angeles. Three years later he was promoted to Vice President International Television. In 1992, Lorimar Telepictures merged with Warner Bros and he was named Managing Director and Vice President, Warner Bros International Television, for Australasia, Pacific, Asia and the Sub Continent. He was a director of several Warner Bros companies and Chairman of Warner Bros. Australia and the Movie Network.


In 2002 at 50 years of age and after 20 years with Warner Bros., Wayne left to start his own company, Australian Asian Pacific Services (AAPS) and Alexandra Lavender Broun was born to Wayne and wife, Caroline (nee Lavender).


Wayne plays golf, tennis, gym, skis, dives and in younger years played rugby and cricket at competitive levels and most other sports.


Along with running AAPS, with Lady Caroline, he is Patron of the Scottish Australian Heritage Council.






Sir William Broun - 13th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes13th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir William Windsor Broun

William, the thirteenth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes was born in Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia on the 11th July 1917. The eldest of four sons born to William Arthur Broun and Marie Victoria née McIntyre, daughter of William McIntyre and his wife Elizabeth née von Essen. William succeeded his cousin, Sir Lionel John Law Broun, 12th Baronet, in 1995 and was educated at North Sydney Boys High School.


William married D'Hrie King, the daughter of Frank Horace Richard King, of Bingara and his wife D'Hrie Patricia née Cowpe. William served in World War II with the 13th Battalion of the AIF armoured car division serving in New Guinea and Borneo. After the war, William worked as a chartered accountant at Universal Films International in Australia. He served as Manager of Universal Pictures on the sub-continent of India and Pakistan, Japan and finally the Far East.


He was very active in Scottish movements in Australia. He was recognised by the Court of the Lord Lyon of Edinburgh as the chief of the name and arms of Broun and granted the Scottish title of Broun of Colstoun and Thorniedykes. He was generally recognised as the chief of the Brouns of Scotland, one of the largest family names in Scotland. He served two terms as the Deputy President of the Scottish Australian Heritage Council. He served a term as President of the Scottish Polish Club, a society which recognises the longstanding historical contacts between Scotland and Poland. As a result of his years in India, he was also a prominent member of the Scottish Indian Friendship Society, the "Dalhousie Society".


He was a supporter of the Scottish French friendship society, the "Auld Alliance", he was guardian of the Celtic Standing Stones in Glen Innes and he was a life guardian of the Scottish Australian Cairn at Mosman. William was patron of the of the Canberra Pipes and Drums.


William issued: D'Hrie Sheree, and Rani Beverley King

Sir William Broun died: 17th March 2007.






Sir Lionel John Broun - 12th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes

12th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir Lionel John Law Broun

Lionel, the twelfth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes was born in Quirindi , New South Wales, Australia on April 25th,1927. He succeeded his father, Sir James Lionel Broun, 11th Bt, in August, 1962. He married Artemis Diane Palmister, in 1953 in Sydney.

no issue:

died: 10th August, 1995.

succeeded by his cousin, 13th Baronet, Sir William Windsor Broun.







11th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir James Lionel Broun

James, the eleventh Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes,born: 25th January, 1875 was the eldest son of Sir William Broun and Alice Jane Peters, daughter of James Cornelius Peters of Manly Beach..
married: 3rd June, 1925 Georgie Caroline Bird Law, daughter of Henry Law of Gordon, NSW.
died: 8th August, 1962.
issue: Lionel John Law.
succeeded by his son, Sir Lionel John Law Broun 12th Baronet.







Sir William Broun - 10th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes10th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir William Broun

William, the tenth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes was born 18th December 1848 in Dumfries and died 23rd October 1918 in Manly, Australia aged 69 years. William was the fifth child and second son born to Sir William Broun and his wife Elizabeth née Smith.


At about the age of 20 he emigrated from Scotland and sailed to Australia. He went to a station in Tasmania and subsequently moved to New South Wales. On 12th April 1871, he married Alice Jane, daughter of the late Mr James Cornelius Peters of Manly Beach, Sydney and his wife Elizabeth née Knight.

William Broun succeeded his father the late Sir William Broun in 1882. He was employed as Inspector of Selections and travelled a great deal. For a number of years Sir William Broun was CP inspector in the Tamworth district. After resigning from the public service for the last twelve years of his life he interested himself in grazing in New South Wales.


Sir William owned a number of properties including The Braes (Tamworth), Coonimbia (Coonamble), Colstoun (Gunnedah), Dalblair (Tamworth). At his death Sir William Broun of Coonamble and Gunnedah was succeeded by his eldest son James Lionel. Lady Broun and three other sons and three daughters survived him.


The issue of Sir William and Lady Broun: James Lionel, William Arthur, Reginald Augustus, Claude McBride, Swift (died young), Elizabeth Eleanor Maude (Mrs Ernest Doyle), Alice Marion Blanche (Mrs Leslie Sprague) Linda Isabella (Mrs William Martin).






Sir William Broun - 9th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes9th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir William Broun

William , the ninth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes, was the second surviving son born to Captain James Broun of Mayfield, and Marion Henderson on 31st July 1804 in Lochmaben, Scotland and died 10th June 1882, in Dumfries, Scotland. He practiced as a Solicitor in Dumfries at 7 Irving Street. He married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Smith of Drongan, Ayrshire on July 18th, 1843 in Edinburgh.










Sir Richard Broun - 8th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes8th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir Richard Broun

Richard, eighth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes, was born to James Broun and Marion Henderson, 22nd April 1801 and died 10th December 1858 he is buried at Lochmaben. He was the Honourable Secretary of the Order of Committee of Baronets for privileges and Secretary to the Central Agricultural Society. Richard succeeded to the title on the death of his father Sir James Broun, 30th November 1844.


Sir Richard described himself, in 1856, as 'The Honourable Sir Richard Broun, Knight, and (eighth baronet) of Scotland and Nova Scotia, feudal baron of Colstoun, Haddingtonshire, and chief of his race in North Britain.


Sir Richard Broun was an author of various works on heraldry, agriculture, colonisation, sanitation, etc. His first published work was a treatise of over 100 pages on curling. His chief schemes were a plan for a line of direct elemental intercourse between Europe and Asia by way of the British North American possessions, and the systematic colonisation of the vacant crown territories over which it will pass(1833); a plan for an Anglo-Canadian company which would out-rival in the west, the East India Company(1852); attempts to revive certain supposed privileges of the baronets, in connection with which he was from 1835 honorary secretary of the Committee of the Baronetage for Privileges, and wrote the following works:'Dignity, Precedence &c., of the Honourable the Baronets of the Realm (1830). He was also involved in an effort to revive the 'illustrious and sovereign order of the Knights Hospitalers of St John of Jerusalem and of the Venerable Langue of England".


He rendered real service by his projection in 1849 of 'The London Necropolis and National Mausoleum at Woking'. In connection with this scheme and with the general question of extramural Sepulture, Synopsis of the London Necropolis'1851; Extramural interments and the Metropolitan Sanitary Association' 1852; Metropolitan Interments'1852; Metropolitan Extramural Interments, Memorial to the Lord Mayor,' &c., 1852; Statement as to the Progress of Necropolis undertaking,'1853; various letters on the Necropolis undertaking, 1853-5.






7th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir James Broun

James, the seventh Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes, is the eldest child, son born to Richard Broun and Robina McBryde, on the 12th March 1768.


Sir James Broun died on the 30th November 1844, where he was buried at Lochmaben . He was served heir male general in 1826 to his cousin Sir Alexander Broun, the fifth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydyke who died in 1775, and resumed the baronetcy.


Sir James Broun firstly married Marion Henderson, daughter of Robert Henderson and Janet Carruthers of Clougheads on 31st July 1798.  Marion died on the 20th August 1825. James married secondly Janet Watson, daughter of R. Watson of Edinburgh, on the 20th April 1835.






6th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir Richard Broun

Reverend Richard Broun, the sixth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes,he never used the title, was born to James Broun and Alison Brodie in 1729, he died 13th December 1781 and is buried in Lochmaben.


He was a Minister of the Church of Scotland of Kingarth and Lochmaben. He married Robina McBryde, daughter of Col. Hugh McBryde of Beadland, Ayrshire, 25th September 1765, she died 5th February 1819.






5th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir Alexander Broun

Alexander of Bassendean, fifth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes, son of Alexander Broun and Beatrix Swinton died in 1775. He married Mally Colquhoun, daughter of Adam Colquhoun of Glins, in 1755.






4th Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir Alexander Broun

Alexander of Bassendean, fourth Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes, the second child and son born to Alexander Broun and Catherine Swinton (daughter of Sir Alexander Swinto of that Ilk, he married Beatrix Swinton, daughter of Alexander Swinton, Lord Mersington.


Obtain the estate of Bassendean from his father.






3rd Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir George Broun

George, third Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes, elder brother of Sir Alexander (4th Baronet) the first child and son born to Alexander Broun and Catherine he married Janet Spottiswoode. George was the first heir of Broun of Colstoun not to live in Colstoun house. He and his family lived in two of the family estates, Thornydyke in Berwickshire, and Bassendean.






2nd Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir George Broun

George, eldest Child and son born to Patrick Broun and Alison Sinclair, and 2nd Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes, he died in 1718.


He was Sheriff-depute of Edinburgh, within the constabulary of Haddington, 1670-81. he had a Charter of Adjudication of the lands of Newtownlees, Haddington and Edinburgh, 1st February 1688; also a charter of the barony of Colstoun, in which he is designed younger of Colstoun, to himself and his wife on his father’s resignation he married Elizabeth Mackenzie, daughter of George, first Earl of Cromartie, with Elizabeth being the lady “who insisted on biting the famous Colstoun Pear”. In accordance with the wizards warning, misfortunes came upon the family.





1st Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes - Sir Patrick Broun

Patrick, was the sixth child, first son born to James and Anna Broun, he died in 1688, the first Baronet of Colstoun and Thornydykes the seventeenth laird, he married firstly Alison Sinclair, daughter of Sir John Sinclair of Stevenson, in 1678. He got Great Seal Charter of Colstoun and half of Kettleston.


Obtained a Precept, (warrant/writ), of the estate from Oliver Cromwell in 1658, after succeeding his father.


He was Sheriff-Depute, 1670-1681, and a Commissioner of Supply. He was created a baronet of Nova Scotia, by King James II on the 16th February 1686, on account of his “eminent services and fidelity of the ancient family whom he represented, with remainder to his heirs male for ever. In 1678 he signed a bond obliging heritors and life-renters in East Lothian to abstain from attending conventicles, etc.





















The Line Of Broun Baronets Broun Chief’s Crest: A lion rampant, holding in the dexter paw a fleur-de-lis Broun Chief’s Crest: A lion rampant, holding in the dexter paw a fleur-de-lis